Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steve Rothman tells French not to sell Lebanon 100 anti-tank missiles

'Haaretz' introduces him as "the US Representative, Steve Rothman" and there is nothing wrong with that after all Mr Rothman has indeed been the U.S. Representative for new Jersey's 9th congressional district since 1997. However, what 'Haaretz' doesn't tell us is that Steve is one of those lucky Americans who are entitled to U.S. and Israeli citizenship. Still, is that enough for us to suppose that he might be just a little prejudice when it comes to the Zionist state? Normally, it would be, of course.

However, if some convincing is required we should indeed turn to today's news that he "..... has urged France to rethink its plans to sell anti-tank missiles to Lebanon, stipulating that the volatile situation in that country meant that it would put Israel into "grave danger." Now, there are about 100 anti-tank missiles being discussed here and anyway aren't anti-tank missiles supposed to stop tanks? In other words, aren't they used for defence?

Of course, ego is possibly missing the point here, after all, Rothman has helped to secure a total of approximately $47.5 billion in military aid, economic assistance, and loan guarantees for the State of Israel. during his time  in Congress and we wouldn't want any unnecessary damage being inflicted on that expensive state of the art stuff while it is killing and maiming innocent civilians.  However, it is more than that, or it is, if Mr Rothman is to be believed. He says, "U.S. support for Israel is essential, not only for Israel’s national security, but for America’s. Every bit of that support -- and more -- withstands all reasonable scrutiny."

Time to be a bit unreasonable then and what do we have? Well, we have France supplying the Lebanese with a paltry 100 missiles to help defend themselves when the Israelis next invade and we have an American politician, who some suggest also has Israeli citizenship,  telling them not to do it although he helps ensure that Israel gets those arms needed to maim, murder and massacre thousands and we have a silly newspaper reporting this as if Mr Rothman really were some unbiased "US Representative" who genuinely believes that U.S. support for Israel is essential for America's security rather than just one more rabid Zionist who is helping to perpetrate a massive crime against humanity.


calgacus said...

Good point, well made James. Israel is constantly supposedly "under threat" despite the fact it has a military stronger than the rest of the middle east combined and nuclear weapons - though i suppose you can see the US congressman's point - i mean if the French start selling people more arms that can only cut into US firms' arms sales profits, which might reduce their contributions to his re-election campaign funds (or maybe it's the Israeli government funding him - using US government subsidies)

James Nelson said...

Interesting point and yes, no doubt, Mr Rothman doesn't mind making a bob or two while facilitating crimes against humanity.