Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dan Hodges cries at the royal wedding

In today's 'Guardian' the "journalist", Dan Hodges informs us that, "we needn't be royal wedding party poopers just because we're leftwing". Well Dan, you and your ilk are about as left wing as Uncle Joe, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Tony Blair. Of course, that being said, you are not, unlike that gallery of rogues, guilty of mass murder. Nevertheless, you are just one more little insignificant facilitator and instead of  glorying in "your" "country's shared heritage", you would do well to remind yourself that that very same country has pursued and is pursuing illegal wars all over the planet and that part of its heritage is colonialism, mass murder and ethnic cleansing on the grandest of scales.

However, while the evidence might suggest that you either suffer from that very worst myopia, namely, turning a blind eye, or that you are just simply a bit of an idiot, my own inclination is to put you and your fellow reveling travelers into a category that is at least tainted by opportunism and informed by ignorance. Yes, maybe you actually believe the shit. However, believe me, it is not because you see nothing wrong in inherited privilege of the type that was displayed yesterday, that you are not a Socialist, it is not even the day that you started to believe that the country has a shared heritage which it can be exclusively proud of. You are not a Socialist, Dan, because you never were and never will be, because Dan, in the real world we don't "hold out until Jerusalem, then burst into tears" or, at least, we don't burst into tears because we think that a royal wedding is indicative of socialism having been built in England's green and pleasant land.

Indeed, one wonders, had there been a spontaneous mass demonstration in London against the ongoing effort to pull the country even further away from "Jerusalem", on the same day as the royal wedding, where would you have been? Yes, you say, "the cuts will still be there on Monday", and they will, and with your, and other "socialists" like you, belief in "this week's growth figures", and shedding of tears at a royal wedding, there is nobody around to fight them. After all, if we are really going to fight the cuts, what better place to start than launching an assault on that hypocritical, parasitical establishment that those very cuts are intended to support and which is epitomised by a farcical, parasitical royal family?

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