Monday, May 2, 2011

Will we get to see a body and, if we do get to see a body, whose body will it be?

Sitting in Beijing's 'Bookworm' and, using the BBC iplayer with a vpn, I am informed that Bin Laden is dead. A puerile, pathetic, pathos, pours forth from President Obama, while the band plays believe it if you like and one wonders will we ever be shown the body and if we are shown a body, whose body might it actually be?

These are difficult times and yesterday it was with dismay that I noted that the good selection of books at the Foreigners Bookstore in WanFuJing Street did not deter one Chinese customer from seeking out a biography of Deng Xiaoping that was written by his son. Is this the evidence we seek to conclude that the Chinese are not capable of creative and critical thinking? However, peruse the drivel that dominates every High Street 'Waterstones' and have a glimpse at 'Blighty's' non-fiction best seller list.

Nevertheless, there is hope and today in the 'Bookworm' another, perhaps more discerning Chinese customer, opted for a copy of 'The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers'.
Yes, "Hüben wie drüben", the hype and the hypocrisy, prevail and the Orwellian lie is cultivated, but is this our fate or is there not a more promising historical inevitability? There has to be and, at a time when our beings in society in the West in particular are being thoroughly compromised and corrupted, it is time for the one-eyed men, for the discerning among us, to make themselves heard.

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