Monday, June 6, 2011

Charades and crimes

The blog has been seriously neglected since I arrived in China some five months ago. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note on revisiting the last post that .... well, the body was never shown, was it? That "surprise, surprise", has prompted me to insert the little video clip above.

.... and in the meantime; David Cameron has raised the prospect of UK troops operating inside Libya by declaring that Britain is preparing to "do more" to help rebels struggling to oust Col Gaddafiwhile Zayed R Alzayani, the head of the Bahrain International Circuit, has informed everyone that The Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, which was postponed in March due to violent civil unrest, will go ahead later this year, Of course, it is difficult for the West  to point the finger anywhere when what we get from that West is crime and hypocrisy on this scale and nowhere are the charades and crimes better summed up than in the little clip above.

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Do not neglect the blog Jim! Keep on writing! Very good entry! Well done!
Jordan Jordanovich