Friday, September 16, 2011

"Ma è ancora casa di alltri" , there is no "homosuperior"

We can read in today's 'Haaretz' that Netanyahu "will agree to an upgrade of the Palestinian status, but not to statehood." At most, however the Israeili Prime Minister's comments are just one more example of that arrogance, which has distinguished Zionism since its very inception.  Indeed, as early as  January 23, 1904  in response to Theodor Herzl's request for a Jewish state, the Italian King, Victor Emmanuel III, is quoted as saying  "Ma è ancora casa di alltri" (But it is still the home of other people).

Nevertheless, over a hundred years after that response the Zionists are still ignoring international law and bombarding us a gobbledegook rhetoric, a puerile polemic, that ignores the most significant facts, including the most obvious one, which  is given suitable substance by  Gilber Achcar in his book 'The Arabs and the Holocaust', when he quotes an answer to Zionist accusations of Arab pro-Nazism, which appeared in the Arab daily "Filastin" on 17th June 1934:
"What authorizes the Jews to announce sorrowfully to the Arabs that a Nazi movement has sprung up   among them? Is it the Arabs who have driven the Jews from their land, or is it rather the Jews who are driving Arabs from their homes and persecuting the to the point of depriving them of human beings' most basic right, the right to life?" (Achcar: 49).

This is crucial and it should form the premise of any discourse on Palestine. Furthermore, it means that, despite the ongoing ethnic cleansing with new "facts"  being created on the ground by the Zionist occupation on a daily basis, the response to Netanyahu today can only the one made by King Victor Emmanuel III to Herzl's request back in 1904; "Ma è ancora casa di alltri".

This really isn't about Israel agreeing to Palestinian statehood and the real concession still to be made is the one where the Palestinians agree either to an Israeli state or one where they accept Israelis sharing a state with them. When that concession is made not only will we have peace in the Middle East, but we will also see the end of the Zionist "Übermensch", that  pseudo "homosuperior" whose intellectual antecedents can, to some extent, be found in an ideology which was indeed responsible for the holocaust itself.

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