Sunday, September 18, 2011

Netanyahu: "We have rights going back 4,000 years."

In the post from a couple of days ago one of the major tenets upon which Zionists claims to a state on Palestinian lands rest was shown to have no support, or at least none that can be informed by reason. Today, 'Haaretz' tells us that Netanyahu intends to confront the UN General Assembly with the other major tenet upon which the state of Israel is based.

It would be a little bit too much for him to approach a hetrogeneous world with Judiasm very own divine right. Therefore, we are told that his purpose will be, "to present our truth, which is that we are not foreigners and we have rights going back 4,000 years."   Sensible people might, of course, ask, if this guy is actually being serious? Nevertheless, we will have the United States and Australia, to name but two states, who will be supporting this absurdity, even if, applying it to either the Americas or Australasia would result in an ethnic cleansing that would make even the one taking place now in Palestine rather insignificant.

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