Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The world turned upside down

A couple of days ago I cited the Italian King, Victor Emmanuel III, responding in 1904 to Theodor Herzl's request for a Jewish state by saying "Ma è ancora casa di alltri" (But it is still the home of other people). Moreover, it is unreasonable to suggest that the death camps and attempted extermination of European Jewry alters that fact. Having said that, however, if there is to be a bone fide case for the establishment of a Jewish state, it might follow logically that that state be in Europe. All the more so when there is enough evidence to suggest that the Israelis tend very much to see themselves as being firmly embedded in western civilisation. Therefore, what about Michael Ben Ari's, a member of the Israeli parliament, comments today?
"If the Palestinians want a state, they can go to Europe or the US – it's very nice there," said Michael Ben Ari, a member of the Israeli parliament. "This is the land of Israel and we are here forever."

Now, while many Israelis have at least two passports, not only is it extremely difficult for Palestinians to get into either Europe or America, but it is even more difficult to see any moral argument that might provide a modicum of support for any attempt to establish a state in Europe or America there. No, it is in fact the Palestinians who have nowhere to go and it is because of this that it is really time for them to establish their state. Only once that has happened can there be any real discussions as to the final status and remember Israel too has yet to define its borders. Indeed, once those borders have been defined, it might just be that many of those Israelis, who have an extra  "Jus Sanguinis", might just decide to discover their other home. Indeed, we might first expect many to be discovering an extra  "Jus Sanguinis". Today, it is the Palestinians who have nowhere to go.

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