Saturday, February 18, 2012

US says Israel should wait but that it will attack anyway

According to 'The Guardian', Obama has made it clear to the public and to Israel that we shoud continue to wait and see if the sanctions against Iran can contribute further to undermining that county's economy.  Of course, with the report emphasising that US officials believe the embargo is destined to ultimately fail anyway and that an Israeli attack on Iran is inevitable, we can easily deduce what this rhetroric actually means.
Firstly, the purpose of the sanctions is to further weaken Iran before the inevitable attack and, secondly, when that attack comes Washington will argue that it gave Iran every opportunity to avoid a conflict. One particular anonymous US official might claim that the White House today is different from the Bush White House and that it "wants to see sanctions work" but it is quite easy to see what sanctions working actually means here. Of course, it means that Iran is to capitulate on all fronts and maybe as a gesture of good faith they might want to sign their oil over to Israel.
In the meantime with the mainstream press reporting that Iranians in Bangkok were planning attacks on Israeli institutions, and this on top of the dubious attacks in New Delhi and Tblissi, Israel is already at work on accumulating a variety of "evidence" that will contribute to providing the pretext for an assault that can ultimately plunge us all into a war which will see no winner. Indeed, as Neil Clark points out it is a war that has already started in Syria where the so-called "rebels" are being supplied with Western arms and supported by French, British and US special forces in an attempt to remove Teheran's only real ally in the region (see map). Of course, there is the Hezbollah in the Lebanon but triggering off a civil war in that country to keep them occupied will hardly be difficult.
As the US accuses Iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon, Israel is in fact already a major nuclear power. While the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) carries out inspections at Iran's nuclear facilities and issues regular reports that are based not only on those inspections, but also on a variety of intelligence reports, and comes to the conclusion that Iran neither has nor is developing a WMD, Israel not only doesn't come under any scrutiny, but it also no longer bothers to deny that it has nuclear weapons. As the West pushes for regime change in Syria, Britain and America  turn a blind eye on, and even sell arms to, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's in Bahrain. Palestinians are denied their basic human rights, in "moderate" Saudi Arabia women if woman complain too much about not being allowed to drive, they might just get their heads chopped off with a sword for being a witch. The hypocrisy knows no bounds and it is time to ensure that the hypocrites do not force us all into a war that nobody can possibly want.

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