Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smoking in Spain

In Spain bars, cafes and restaurants have a sign on their door simply saying either "Esta permitido fumar" or "No esta permitido fumar"; smoking is, more or less, even if there are supposedly non-smoking areas in some restuarants, either permitted or not permitted and only 10 per cent of small bars and 15 per cent of small restaurants have banned smoking. Anyway, there was me taking myself down to the little cafe at the bottom of my flat this evening to watch the Barcelona Vs Numancia game on television and there was me taking myself back up to my little flat twenty minutes later with a headache. The smoking in this part of the world is nothing short of disgusting and the smokers attitude to their environment disgraceful. This morning I was sitting in a nice little cafe with WIFI, enjoying my coffee and breakfast sandwich when all of sudden a smoker plumped himself beside me, immediately put his cigarettes on the table and that was the signal for me to immediatly say to myself, "tengo que irme". Cigarettes are stuck in your face, they are stuck in childrens' faces, they are puffed while food is being served and, no doubt, while it is being prepared and what might be one of the nicer parts of the world to live in becomes a much less desirable place.

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