Saturday, January 24, 2009

Israeli troops shot children at point blank range

The Israeli government is in the process of approving a bill that will give aid and support to any IDF officers who are charged with war crimes in Gaza. Speaking out in favour of the bill, Ehud Barak said, "As an army which is unsurpassed in its moral traditions, the IDF has done all that it can in order to adhere to international law, in order to avoid harming civilians who are not involved in fighting," Barak said, adding that such moral principles "have not always been enough to prevent tragedies from happening."(1) God,I really cannot read or hear this drivel anymore. It is time for all of us to put an end to this disgusting farce and with the BBC reporting that children were murdered at point blank range, while providing the following evidence to support that claim, "...brain scans made it clear that a number of the child victims had been shot at close range",(3) Firing white phosphorus into civilian areas, bombing mosques, schools, hospitals, universities, UN compounds and executing innocent children, what more do we need to prosecute these people? And we would do well to ensure that Barak, Livni and Olmert accompany some of their officers to the ICC. One, of course, has to fear that it will not happen and once again the Zionists are told that they can murder, maim and massacre with impunity.

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