Saturday, January 24, 2009

The story behind the story

Well, I suppose you are innocent until you are proven guilty. Therefore, apart from the report being a day late,(1) there is nothing wrong with the headline on the front page of Munich's 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' today; "Mutmaßlicher Massenmörder in Ruanda verhaftet" (presumed mass murderer arrested in Rwanda).(1) Indeed, Nkunda has not been indicted by the ICC or by anyone else for that matter, therefore, the adjective "presumed" might seem appropriate and in the meantime we have the president of the DRC, Joseph Kabila, Nkunda's arch enemy, screaming for blood. We will just have to wait and see if Kagame's rapprochement with Kabila goes so far that he is willing to serve his old mate's head on a plate to Kabila and one might wonder too what role the Americans might play in that decision.
The 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' one of the better mainstream newspapers and what do we get? Well, we get news that is no news and the story behind the story just isn't told. Certainly, Nkunda is a criminal but Bosco Ntaganda and Joseph Kony have about sixty charges on war crimes between them. However, the evidence would seem to suggest that Nkunda, like Thomas Lubanga, who is standing in front of the ICC in the Hague at the time of my writing this,(3) is expendable, while the slightly mad Bosco and the very mad Joseph, who have about sixty indictments for war crimes between them, can still be of some use to "Uncle Sam" and his nice "moderate" African friends, Kagame and Museveni. It could very well be that it won't be Kigali that decides if Nkunda gets thrown to the wolves in Kinshasa, but Washington and we might very well see Mr Kabila jumping onto "Uncle Sam's" bandwagon. The odds against the schools, hospitals and infrastructure being build by the Chinese have just got longer, the IMF and World Bank might very well be allowed to continue its pillage of the DRC and, in the meantime, one war lord gets his cum uppins another appears on the scene and yet another just cannot, for some strange reason, be caught. Behind the story of Nkunda's arrest there is a much bigger story just bursting to get out but then if newspapers told the news maybe we would all know too much.
2 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' 24/25 January 2008, front page
3 ibid p8

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