Friday, February 13, 2009

Lurch into Fascism

Al Abinimah's article on the Israeli elections does, as his articles invariably do, hit the nail on the head. However, the article along with the headline is something of an oxymoron; "Israel lurches into fascism" we are informed but then Al Abinimah goes on to summarise some of the events from today, back to "Oslo" through to 1948, to show that things were never very different, that more settlements were actually built during Barak's tenure in office than were built under the Likud-led government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.(1) Certainly "wolves in sheep's clothing" our zany zionists and the proverbial little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was a trifle more subtle in her disguise.
Nevertheless, what is new, and this is probably the point that Al Abinimah is making, is the all too obvious lurch into open fascism that even the most myopic cannot fail to recognise. With the "peace party" Kadima under its leader, the murderer, Tzipi Livni, willing to hold talks with
Netanyahu, with Lieberman, with all and sundry, just to hold onto power, with Barak reported to have once derided Lieberman of never having shot anyone,(2) the wolf in sheeps clothing has finally abandoned its rather pathetic disguise. What we are dealing with is, as Al Abinimah rightly says, "open fascism" and the "democracy" in Zionistan has just about as much credance as the "democracy" in the so-called "Democratic Republic of Korea". It must, however, be pointed out that it has never been any different.
2 ibid

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