Saturday, September 26, 2009

The full shilling

Now a man, like Gaddafi, who prefers a tent to a suite of rooms in the local sheraton when he visits heads of state might rightly be accused of not being the full shilling and, indeed, he is not. However, even people who are at best ten pence can produce some sense as we saw with Ahmadinejad when he argued that the holocaust was used as a pretext by the Zionists and the West to create the Jewish state and, one might add that the memory of its victims are being degraded by that state.

Similary, we have an article in 'Al Jazerra' where Colonel "ten pence" Gaddafi says that a two state solution in Palestine is not a solution and certainly on listening to Bibi's drivel early this week, where Palestinian "state" would be, at best, a slightly goldened cage, Gaddafi would seem to have a case. Oh and did anyone catch the comparison between 'Hamas' and the nazi death machine made by Bibi in his "great" speech?

No we should not hand the great issues of the day over to the "ten pence" people. In fact, it is that sense that the "ten pence" people make at times that beguiles us into turning a blind eye to what they are really about and what do we have today? Well, we have Mr "ten and a half pence" Obama replacing Mr "three pence" Bush and there we all are licking it up, the drivel, drivel and more drivel as Washington has decided that it had to up the ante and that was always going to need a bit more than a Mr "ten pence" McCain. Still it be nice, if somewhere down the road, we were really to get the full shilling, wouldn't it?

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