Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few crumbs

What you really have to wonder about, is why the United States should be called upon to broker any peace between he Palestinians and Israel? After all, Washington's pro-Israel bias is all too obvious to everyone. Yet, there we have today Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat saying that he is ready for talks with the US but not with Israel. Of course, he gives us his reasons and he told 'Haaretz', that while Israel continues to build settlements, the US has called for a freeze on construction and there is an American plan for peace.

It is actually quite frightening how a superficiall declaration by the "hype" man, which has actually achieved "nada de nada", keeps the whole farce going. On the one hand we have Israel continuing to build on illegally on occupied land and, on the other, we have the Palestinians being naive enough to believe that "Uncle Sam" might actually be ntent on reigning in his zionist chums. The nature of the relationship between the two is surely obvious to even the most myopic of us and while a certain "Realpolitik" dictates that there has to be at least a few crumbs left for the Palestinians, that is what it is, namely, "Realpolitik" and it is a policy that works in Israel's favour.

That the poor Mr Erekat believes it is worthwhile to talk to Washington is actually a tragedy and Palestinians should be staring to think about how to exclude the United States from a process that really, has nothing to do with them. Do this and return to security council resolution 242 as the basis of any negotiation and there might be a way forward. Moreover, you can believe me, the hype man is already working hard behind the scenes to get the Israelis to offer the Palestinian people a few crumbs and that is what you will get for in Zionistan they really do believe that they can have "their" cake and eat it.

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