Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Israeli independent inquiry and negotiations for a final settlement

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Menidor, is saying that Israel should establish its own independent committee to investigate IDF activity in Gaza. "Activity", that is a novel word in the newspeak vocabulary and just as settlements become "neighbourhoods" and resistance to occupation becomes "terrorism", the murdering of innocents is referred to as "acitivity". Moreover, what kind of "independent committee" is Mr Meridor talking about? We, of course, know all about their "independent inquiry". No, their first blunder was in not facilitating Goldstone's own research and the second was in not following Goldstone's advice and having their own "inquiry" and, independently of what happens in the UN, any so-called "independent inquiry" by the Israelis now will automatically be seen for what it is, namely, the usual Zionist whitewash.

Dan Meridor also says that he is worried because Abbas said no to Olmert's "far-reaching" offers at a time when the ex-PM really wanted an agreement, while asking, if anyone actually thinks that they will now give more than Olmert was willing to give? Interesting, and while I have very little faith in Abbas, the question now begs asking; do you think that the Palestinians will now accept less than Olmert was offering them?

Anyway Dan, have your little Zionist face-saving "independent inquiry" and stand firm on Netanyahu's unwillingness to cede sovereignty over Jerusalem's Old City, grant the right of return, and no territorial exchange" stance and, in the meantime, there is also evidence to suggest that even Abbas knows that he cannot negotiate on the rights of his people. Indeed, to do so would not only be immoral, it would also be illegal and maybe, just maybe, the even Abu Mazan (Abbas) is not quite as soft in the head as it would sometimes appear.

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