Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The demographic time bomb

It is interesting how 'Haaretz' reports on a recent population census for Israel: "At the close of the first decade of the third millennium, Israel has 7.5 million residents, including 5.7 million Jews (75.4 percent of the population) and 1.5 million Arabs (20.3 percent of the population). The remaining 319,000 residents are made up of Christians and followers of other religions."

One wonders if the so-called "Arab" population, they are in fact Palestinians, of 20.3%, includes Christian "Arabs", or are the Christian ........ let's call them Palestinian Christians, included in "the remaining 319,000? Moreover, what are the "other religions", apart from Druze? And are their no atheists in Israel? Surely, there must be, after all, Zionistan likes to sell itself as a "modern democracy" and to the best of my knowledge, "modern democracies" are full of atheists.

The reality is that the continued existence of Israel as a "Jewish state" is dependent on the Ultra-Orthodox  settlers who average about 7-8 children. Of course, what this in fact means that any sort of tolerant democratic society, even one that is tolerant only towards fellow Jews, is ultimately doomed. One way or the other, the "Jewish democracy" is sitting on a demographic time bomb. 

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