Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It all began in 1948

Found myself flicking through Tanya Reinhart's ' 'Israel/Palestine: How to end the war of 1948' in the 'English Bookshop' in Munich's Schellingstrasse. The skimming and scanning was not because of what I expected to find in that particular book but rather due to the title; "How to end the war of 1948" and while the term "war" is hardly one that I find applicable to a ruthless on-going ethnic cleansing that began in 1948 and continues until this day, Tanya nevertheless, shows us that  the crimes that are pepetrated today on the Palestinian people are only incidents in the zionist mission that began in 1948, namely the total ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The tried and tested tactic to sell this steal to the outside world is being employed once again and, no doubt, just as "Joe Soap" and "Otto Normalverbraucher" picked up on the piffle about the Israelis offering the Palestinians a state at Oslo but getting terror in return, or of Hezbollah attacking innocent civilians without provocation in 2006, or of Israel voluntary leaving Gaza and getting bombed as a thank you, so too will there be many out there, seduced and cajoaled by the mainstream media, who will actually believe that Netanyahu offered to stop building settlements in order to get the Palestinians back to the "negotiating" table. Such ignorance, however, is inexcusable.

'Haaretz' reports: In an unusual step, the state announced on Tuesday its plan to promote planning and construction in the northern West Bank settlement of Kiryat Netafim." Of course, there never was a "freeze" and surely with today's news that must be clear to everybody. Yes, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, an ethnic cleansing that began long before the appearance of 'Hamas' or, indeed, the appearance of 'Fatah' continues, but then it hasn't stopped since it began in 1948, has it?

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