Monday, December 28, 2009

Scots incapable of ruling themselves

Well, if we had doubts before, they have now been cleared up and the 'Scotsman' today writes that: "Scotland would be unable to stand alone economically even if it received all the oil and gas revenue raised by the Treasury, a government report claims today." Yes a British "government report".

Now, it doesn't interest me too much if Scotland becomes independent or not but what does annoy me is the audacity of these prats, who actually tell some five and a half million people that they are incapable of ruling themselves. Of course, why they come away with crap like this is indicated best by the jingoistic twaddle of a Tory politician, whose name I unfortunately cannot remember, some years ago when he said something to the effect that if Britain were to break up it would be just another unimportant little country like Holland. Oh, and isn't wonderful to be important like 'Blighty'? Well, I am sure the Dutch might see that a bit differently.

Although some would contend that it is Britain that is bust, not Scotland and that Scotland's oil and gas revenue keeps the UK afloat, Independence is not only about economics, it is also about indentity. Should that Scottish identity lead to Scottish independence it is more than a trifle insulting to those people who might constitute the Scottish nation, or state, that a collection of prats in Westminster believe that while the Irish, the Portugese, the Dutch, the Danes and all of those other little "insignificant" nations are capable of determining their own affairs, the Scots are not.

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