Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mordechai Vanunu. Peres, Obama, Hitler and the Nobel Peace Prize

Obama's presidency, began on January 20th and the nomination deadline for the 'Nobel Peace Prize' was the 1st of February. Now, even hypothesising what might have been if, he hadn't have actually received the award on the 9th of October and if, after having received the award, he hadn't then announced that he was going to escalate the war in Afghanistan, the farce that this prize actually is surely all to obvious. Considering that nobody is going to be nominated sponataneously, the evidence would seem to suggest that Obama's presidential election campaign was enough to get him nominated for the 'Nobel Peace Prize'.

Of course, the 'Nobel Peace Prize' has been a joke for a long time with its previous winners including Shimon Peres, who won the prize in 1994 along with fellow zionist Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader  Yasser Arafat. In the meantime, Arafat and Rabin have left the scene, but Peres is still around.

Mordechai Vanunu was freed from prison in 2004 after serving an eighteen year sentence for revealing details of Israel's nuclear weapons programme. Vanunu apparently has now been arrested by Israeli police because they suspect that he is been meeting foreigners, which violates  the conditions of his release. Now, knowing what we know about Israel that should come as no surprise, just as we can hardly be surprised that the man who "blew the whistle" on Israel's nuclear secret has enough good sense to see through the disgusting farce that a winning a 'Noble Peace Prize' actually embodies and it would appear that earlier this year Vanunu wrote a letter to the Nobel Prize committee asking it to take him off of the list of candidates for the prize because President Shimon Peres, who he said was "behind the Israeli atomic policy," was a Nobel laureate. Now, we might criticise Vanunu by arguing that had he remained a candidate, he might have prevented Obama winning the prize. Nevertheless, I would suggest that Vanunu did the right thing and that by remaining on the list he would have only given this farcical charade some credibility and doing so at a time when we can at least suspect that the decision to give the warmonger Obama the award had already been made.

Nice little footnote here; a Member of the Swedish parliament, E.G.C. Brandt, nominated Adolf Hitler for the 1939 prize. No doubt, because of the slightly disturbed Adolf's effort to preserve peace at the Munich Conference in Sepember 1938. Still, despite the Nazi "newspeak" of that period, "peace" still meant "peace" and the good Mr Brandt had at least the good sense to withdraw the nomination in February 1939. Good timing and a month later Germany swallowed up Bohemia and Moravia, or what is known today as the Czech Republic, while Slovakia became nominally independent but de facto a German client state and I am left wondering why, while Vanunu took himself off of the nominations list and Mr Brandt took Adolf off of the list, did nobody have the sense to remove Obama's name from the list? 

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