Sunday, January 31, 2010

The New American Century

The news from the 'Guardian' today that Obama is deploying a missile shield to protect American allies in the Gulf from attack by Tehran should only heighten our fears that Iran will be attacked in the not too distant future. Indeed, only a fool would believe that the move is intended to deter any possible atack by Iran on the Gulf states in reaction to the sanctions which will very probably be imposed. Of course, those very same allies, which host America's military capability in the area, might very well be attacked if Iran is attacked. Or rather, to be more accurate, Iran might at least attempt to attack Washington's collosal base structures in the Gulf if, or should I say when, it is itself attacked.

Yes, they are all towing the "party line"; there was Tony with his mumble jumble about how we are faced again with the same problem as we were in 2003 in the form of Iran, there was Shimon telling the IAEA what a threat Iran is and now we can read that:  "CIA director Leon Panetta traveled to Israel last week for meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and Mossad chief Meir Dagan, U.S. news site Politico reported on Saturday. The main subject of conversation was Iran, as well as "relations" in general, the website said, quoting an unnamed former official in the Israel government."

While we need not doubt the Zionists and neo-cons capability of quick surgical strikes, these will not usher in a quick end to this war and if George W Bush's "mission accomplished" in Iraq appears to be a bad joke in retrospect, we can only shudder at the consequences of any attack on Iran. There are a number of scenarios for this coming war and none of them are very pleasant. Moreover, with Hillary Clinton warning China that it risks isolation unless it supports sanctions on Iran, with Washington supplying Taiwan with state of the art military technology worth almost 6.5 billion $s and with Hillary again criticising Beijing over "internet censorship" there might even be a dimension to this conflict that that exceeds even our worst fears.

Unfortunately, it really does appear that we have miscalculated on this one and my thoughts drift back to a discussion that we were having in the Department of International History in the LSE back in the 80s: "Was "Mein Kampf" a blueprint for the Second World War?" Now that rather badly written "ditty" was not being taken too seriously back in 1924 but at least by the time they got to Operation Barbarrosa the could see that that particular megalomaniac was very serious and there it was all his meglomaniac madness revealed but then he had been putting it into practice, bit by bit, year by year. Similarly, we have a little collection of meglomaniacs who belong to a "non-profit, educational organisation" called the  "Project for the New American Century". Of course, with Obama in "power" a new front organisation is needed in the government and that is where groups like the (CNAS) the  "Centre for a New American Security" and the 'Foreign Policy Initiative'come in. Whatever their name the game is the same it is all about full spectrum dominance and these are very dangerous, very ambitious, people who, just like Adolf back in 1924,  are even telling us their intentions.

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