Monday, February 1, 2010

Berluscconi in Jerusalem

Berlusconi in Jerusalem today: "You (Israel) can turn to us in any request for support in the international community. I want to promise you that this is not just my position. This is also the position of the entire Italian government and people." However, that wasn't all and there was Netanyahu's "dear friend" going on to say that his dream is to see Israel become a member of the European Union.

So, Berlusconi is speaking for "all" of the Italian people in the same way that Netanyahu would like us to believe that it represents "all" Jews dead and alive? Might be difficult to convince those arrogant ignoramuses otherwise, however we can point out that there are certain conditons that have to be met before a country can become a member of the European Union and Israel just does not fulfill them and, while we can maybe paper over those conditons, there are also certain things, which citizens of the EU enjoy. For instance, freedom of movement within the European Union. The very thought of giving a people freedom of movement within the European Union when that people has set up check points all over land which it illegally occupies to control the movement of another people makes me want to puke. Silvio this is a country which is illegally occupying someone else's land, a country which keeps those occupied people in what Rashid Khalidi refers to as an "iron cage", a country that has literally imprisoned over 1.4 million people in Gaza.

Of course, the whole thing is absurd and we have certainly come a long way from another Italian, King Victor Emmanuel II, who on January 23, 1904 in response to Theodor Herzl's request for a Jewish state, said, "Ma è ancora casi di altri" (But it is still the home of other people.). Silvio whatever you and your Zionist friends might otherwise think, that is still the case and if you want Israel in the European Union, you might want to hand over a chunk of Italy to them and we can at least test the Italian peoples' real feelings regarding Zionism.

Dialogue for the picture: Mr "Fix it" Berlusconi; "You wanna girl, I get ya a girl, you wanna a boy, I get you a boy, you wanna a country, I get you a country." Netanyahu: "Molte grazie, my dear friend."

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