Thursday, May 27, 2010

William Hague says it is unacceptable for Israeli politicians to feel like they can't visit for fear of being arrested

The following is attributed to William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, speaking to parliament on wednesday: "We will take every opportunity to help promote peace and we will now examine how to deal with the totally unsatisfactory situation that has had the effect of barring Israeli politicians, among others, from visiting the U.K. without weakening our commitment to hold accountable those guilty of war crimes."

Now, maybe I am a bit slow here but surely Mr Hague and the British government are putting themselves into a bit of a conundrum with that statement or does he just mean that his government has a "commitment to hold accountable those guilty of war crimes," apart from Israelis and a few of Britain's friends? Of course, it is crystal clear what he means and, despite noises to the contrary, we have the present "upper crust" government in Westminster already making its commitment to one illegal war, while cultivating relations with war criminals and fellow travellers elsewhere.

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