Friday, May 28, 2010

Paul Kagame isn't too concerned about human rights

John Prescott is to take his seat in the House of Lords, Rahm Emanuel sheds tears in Jerusalem's old city when he visits the Western Wall and Paul Kagame is quoted as saying, "Democracy is good music but you need somebody with ears to listen to that music," he says, leaning across the table. "It doesn't matter how much you talk about democracy or human rights. Tell me about a family who spend the whole night looking at each other and wondering whether they will have something to eat. Are they thinking about anything else? They are just not listening."

Well, we can laugh off John and the seat in the House of Lords and there was never any doubt as to Rahm's loyalties. However, maybe an eye should be kept on 'Blighty's' man in Africa and he is not talking about 'panem et circences' down in Rwanda and while some of us might be getting upset at big John as he continues to enjoy the good life at the taxpayer's expense and while Rahm's Zionist affiliations might rightly concern us, there will be only good news from Kigali and from Tony's pal as opposition Tutsi and Hutu disappear for the long term or forever, but then we never did care very much about what happened or happens in Africa anyway, did we?

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