Tuesday, June 22, 2010

British dead in Afghanistan reaches 301 and would anyone like to tell us why they are dying?

It would be nice if they were at least to tell us why they are dying instead of fobbing us off with this "war on terror" nonsense. However, that is not going to happen is it and dying they are. Indeed, apparently at a rate where the "300 milestone" is passed and the 301st casualty actually gets himself in on the 300th casualty's headline. 

The 'Guardian' reports: "A Royal Marine was killed in an explosion in Helmand province last night as the UK was marking the death of his colleague from the same unit who became the 300th British soldier to die ....", before continuing; "The announcement came as the Ministry of Defence named the 300th member of the British forces to die in the Afghan conflict as Royal Marine Richard Hollington, 23, who lived near Petersfield, Hampshire. He died in hospital on Sunday after being injured in a blast in the Sangin district eight days earlier." Well, having missed out on sunday's news the opporuntiy to do my sums will be taken and that means, one dead on sunday, one dead on monday .... and today?

Anyway, David "I went to Eton and you won't find me or my ilk anywhere near the killing fields of Helmland" Cameron is keeping up with the news and it would appear that just a few hours before the 301st fatality was getting himself blown up David was saying: "Of course the 300th death is no more or less tragic than the 299 that came before," he said. "But it is a moment, I think, for the whole country to reflect on the incredible service and sacrifice and dedication that our armed services give on our behalf." Yes, indeed, "a moment, I think, for the whole country to reflect" David, but not on their service and sacrifice but rather on why they are really there. Would anyone like to tell us?

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