Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The "Zionist enterprise"

According to a 'Haaretz' headline today, Netanyahu has told human rights activists to sail to Tehran instead of Gaza. Well, there is no need to comment on stupidityl like this except to point out of course that a flotilla sailing to Tehran might be more than a trifle difficult and that the flotilla Mr Netanyahu was in international waters and if the Iranians dared attack any ship in international waters your mates in Washington would probably use it as an excuse to bomb them out of existence. No, enough of Bibi's nonsense and on to a more pertinent point which he made during a Knesset discussion on Wednesday.

Worried about "Israel's collapsing international status", he said; "We know that the attacks on Israel are threatening its existence, since we constantly hear people saying 'go back to Poland or Morocco'. They are essentially telling us to dismantle the Zionist enterprise." Oh, right, it is only an enterprise! Nice to know that and here was me and millions of others thinking we were dealing with a rogue state which has stolen a people's land, effectively imprisoned them, collectively punished them and ignored international law time and time again. However, it is only an "enterprise" we are dealing with and that being so, Mr Netanyahu can rest assured that some enterprises are doomed to failure and doomed to failure is most certainly an "enterprise" which is motivated by a type of nationalism which should really be consigned to the dustbin of history. Still, once that has happened we will accredit "credit" where "credit" is due and, yes, the Zionists have, indeed, been very enterprising, in fact criminally so!

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Hard-hitting stuff, spot on.