Thursday, June 24, 2010

A word on General Petraeus being appointed as US and Nato commander in Kabul

How interesting that David Petraeus, the man who spoke about the "stunning potential" of the recent discovery of mineral wealth in Afghanistan, has replaced General McChrystal as the US and Nato  commander in Kabul. This is, after all, the man who warned us that the war in Afghanistan will end later rather than sooner and who testified to Congress that he should he believe a pullout to be unwise, he would strongly advise Obama to delay it.

Well, let's face it beginning the pullout in July 2011 was never really on the agenda and now the spin man in the White House has got himself a little face saver. After all, he can now tell us that he really, really, wants to begin the withdrawal but when his commander in the field strongly urges against it, he has to take a number of factors into consideration. Of course, the marvelous new mineral wealth that has been discovered might be one such factor along with the geopolitical importance of the country. Now, wouldn't it be nice if they just told us that?

At least, the next of kin of the four British soldiers who were killed yesterday, bringing the total of British dead to 307, might appreciate the truth. Although, having said that they would, of course, probably object strongly to their loved ones dying for mineral wealth and power games that are never going to benefit them. No, much easier to continue listening to nonsense such as that spoken by David Cameron at the beginning of the week when, on the occassion of the 300th British fatality, he said: "The truth is that we are there because the Afghans are not yet ready to keep their own country safe and to keep terrorists and terrorist training camps out of their country. That's why we have to be there. But as soon as they are able to take care and take security for their own country, that is when we can leave." Yes, much easier to accept the drivel than find out the truth, even when your kith and kin are being slaughtered and are slaughtering for a lie.

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