Thursday, July 29, 2010

David Aaronovitch crticises Julian Assange

Daniel Finkelstein is obviously doing his levelled best to make a bob or two for Mr Murdoch. Not only does he want us to pay for "quality journalism", as he calls it but, wait for it, we get an extra stamp on our loyalty card at Cafe Nero if we pick up, and pay for, a copy of the 'Times'. Daniel would, of course, do well to look into why nobody is particularly interested in buying his no news newspaper. Quite simply it is high brow unadulterated propaganda, kitsch for the pseudo literate and, Daniel, the market is just not there for this type of rubbish. No, if you want to sell more papers bring a piece of half naked upper class top totty onto page three.

One example of the unadulterated propaganda that the newspaper spouts forth might be the article today where one of Daniel's Zionist side-kicks, 'Hasbara' author David Aaronovitch, claims that Julian Assange, has no right to impose his views on secrecy and disclosure of facts. Here is a man who continually blethers unsubstantiated nonsense in support of an array of crimes and who has probably never actually revealed anything telling a man who has just been instrumental in having thousands of secret documents published and do indeed disclose facts.which show us that the United States and its allies are guilty of war crimes.

This is real news David and maybe you can tell that to Daniel. Who knows he might even take it on board and employ some proper journalists himself. Wishful thinking on my part, of course, and there is no need for you to worry, your job is safe for as long as trash like the 'Times' is around. Nevertheless, it would be nice if Daniel stopped pretending that his rag is "quality journalism" and if you were to give up your own journalist cover. Journalists investigate and disclose fact, journalists write news and good newspapers publish it.

The link to David Aaronovitch's article reads to an abbreviated comment at the 'New Statesman's' website. This morning over my cup of coffee at 'Costa's' I read the original article. Couldn't follow up on it online tonight as it is part of the content that Daniel Finkelstein wants us to pay for it. The summarised version at the 'New Statesman' is more than sufficient and, at least, ensures that we won't waste our time on Mr Aaronovitch's incoherrent ramblings.

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