Monday, July 5, 2010

It is not only about Palestine

The farcical nature of the Zionist charade is so blatant that even those of us who have no particular interest in the fate of the Palestinian people would do well to cringe at feel insulted at the way we have our intelligences insulted on an at least daily basis. An other example of this being given by The 'Guardian' today when it reported that United States will put pressure on Netanyahu to extend his ten month "freeze" on setttlement building then going on to say: "Despite the moratorium, building in settlements has continued in the past seven months thanks to loopholes and violations. Preparations are under way for a construction boom this autumn."

Of course, while Israel "thanks to loopholes and violations" is supposedly ignoring the United States, the reality is that Washington has absolutely no intention of putting any real pressure on Netanyahu's government and even if Obama was to appear to get an agreement where there would be a "freeze" on construction, settlements would continue to be built albeit in the short term at a slower pace. Furthermore, it is all too obvious that the United States is never going to go against Israel's wishes. Therefore, it is not can the United States be a restraining influence on Israel that we should be asking but rather what part of the word "illegal" does Washington and Jerusalem not understand and why do they continue to talk about a "two state" solution? This is important for one thing is certain and that is that the "state" Netanyhu and his ilk have in mind for the Palestinian people is an insult to all of us. This is why we should all be concerned by what is happening for this is not some humanitarian issue which doesn't really affect us directly. Indeed, if we accept the injustice of a people being forced to content itself with crumbs from the "rich man's" table while living in what Rashid Khalidi refers to as an "iron cage" , then it will be too late to resist when we only have begging bowls and the illusion of escape from our "Bantustans" instead of real participation and the freedom to determine our lives in society.

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