Monday, July 19, 2010

BBC's Newsnight is so kafkaesque

Now it might rightly be assumed that should 90 plus percent of the British population get its hands on a copy of Kafka's 'Metamorphose' that copy might end its life as a replacement for toilet paper. Therefore, it was a bit surprising that the BBC Newsnight programme devoted so much of its time to a report on some secret papers lying in a Swiss vault, which, we hear, might be released. Interesting little bit though where we hear that Israel might be laying claim to the papers. What nonsense and while Kafka was Jewish we can be fairly certain that the Zionist state, which locks up people without trial and which is now seeking to silence its academics, is not a place where the great writer would have chosen to live. Or have I misundertood 'The Trial'?

No, Newsnight should stick to doing what it does best and we did, at least, get glimpses of it doing that this evening with a report on David Cameron's "Big Society" and that really does sound a bit like a big con, which appropriately follows fast on the heels of and is not out of sync with his announcing his intention to destroy the NHS. "Big Society" and we can expect lots of volunteers working in the public services for no remuneration. Yes, away from the bit on Kafka we had the usual packaging and marketing job from the motley crew at the 'Hasbara' BBC with a few heroes thrown in from the Afghan front on the 'War on Terror' and a little report on how upset Washington is at al-Megrahi being released, how BP might have been behind his release and how Cameron is going to apologise to Obama for his being release. No mention, of course, that it is about 99.9% certain that the al-Megrahi was innocent and no mention of the Washington's dubious role in the Pan Am flight 103 bombing.

Yes, Kafka in 'Newsnight', is superflous not only because there are more Brits who would use one of his novels as toilet paper than there are who would read it, but also because, unknown to most of the programme's viewers the programme camouflaged by an orwellian newspeak embodies elements of the kafkaesque ..... and when Gregor Samsa woke in the morning he realised that he had a brain, that he was free, that he was fully human and that he was no longer prepared to believe the crap that he was being fed. Wishful thinking, wishful thinking, but I am wondering what might be in that vault in Switzerland. What Cameron intends doing with the NHS and society in general is all too clear.

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