Thursday, August 5, 2010

66 American soldiers die in Afghanistan in July

The news from the BBC website that this July saw the most American fatalities in the war in Afghanistan to date, can only confirm that Obama was hardly thinking about the increase in casualities when, in responding to the Wikileaks disclosure, he said that "the problems in Afghanistan reflected by the documents have been long known and they are being addressed by the policy changes he has put in place." Therefore, what is he talking about when he says that the problems are being addressed by the policy changes?

Sixty-six American soldiers were killed in July, which means that that month now replaces June as the deadliest month. With 102 service members killed in June, that month, however, still saw the most fatalities among soldiers from the international forces until now. Of course, as much as that might be of interest to the statistician, the point is, with their being a very significant increase in the number of coaltion and American troops since Obama came to power and with a corresponding increase in civilian deaths, the American president's gibberish is both dangerous and offensive. It is dangerous because the silly majority, which is needed to continue this war, believe in Obama's gibberish and it is offensive because it is an insult to any thinking person's intelligence.

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