Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Israel tying hard to find a pretext to start another war

A headline in today's 'Independent' caught my interest and there was me moving onto the headline in today's 'Haaretz', where we are told that the the United States has said that Lebanese fire on Israeli troops was totally unjustified. Well, that has clarified things, hasn't it? Let's hope that will end the debate as to who is responsible for almost starting another Israel-Lebanon war. After all, the United States really is an honest broker in the Middle East, isn't it?

Interestingly, their is no claim that Hezbollah was iin any way nvolved this time. Well, such a claim would be a bit difficult in light of the fact that as recently as the 7th July the IDF was maintaining that deprived of bases in the countryside because of the UN presence there, Hezbollah is getting ready for urban warfare. Therefore, as there is no Hezbollah to start a fight with, why not just pick on the Lebanese army. They really are trying hard to find their pretext for the next war, aren't they?

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