Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blair urges Labour not to shift to the left

In today's 'Guardian' we can read that Tony Blair has urged the party not to shift to the left, that people wanting the state to control the banks is a danger, that Gordon Brown has no emotional intelligence - the implication being, of course, that he, a mass murderer, a war criminal, does have emotional intelligence - , that Labour will fail if it attacks the coalition government for cuts and that his banning foxhunting was a mistake. Nevertheless, while many of us might think that it is a mistake to actually concern ourselves with what this hypocritical, self-rightous war criminal thinks or says, what should concern us, is getting him behind bars because even if we might look at some of his utterances with amusement, it is not only dangerous to allow his continued self rightous nonsense, it is also imperative to set an example. Otherwise we will continue to look "from man to pig, and from pig to man again" without being able to say which is which.

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