Sunday, September 5, 2010

Merchants of death

A spokeswoman for the Israel Airports Authority has apologized for "four Generals from an African country" being denied entry to Herzliya Airport with a senior official in the aviation industry making it clear in no uncertain terms that the four officers were in Israel on a "procurement tour of defence firms." 

Of course, while we might conclude that this is just one more cock-up in a long list of cock-ups by the Middle East's little "Absurdistan", we should be a little worried by the fact that Israel officially doesn't really care that their willingness to export arms and do business with one or another disgusting dictatorship is made public. Indeed, one wonders if trading in arms with the African country in question  is allowed under international law. However, as we don't know the name of that country we can only speculate. Nevertheless, speculate we might and in the not too distant future we may be having Museveni dropping bombs on the acholi in northern Uganda or Tony Blair's mate, Paul Kagame, pursuing rebel Hutu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and believe me, when it comes to collateral damage, these lads don't need lessons from even Israel.

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